12 wedding day beauty tips you have to know before your big day arrives!

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. And, you know that planning your wedding comes with many decisions, and stress; all coming with the good and the bad. Though this day in age having a right hand person, AKA the right wedding planner, will alleviate many stresses and the difficult decisions that come your way beauty essentials comes from the right beauty squad. This is why the Red Lotus Artistry Beauty Squad have come up with some of the essential Beauty Tips to get through you wedding planning as stress-free as possible.


Bridal Beauty Tips that will Keep You Smiling

1.) One year prior to the wedding OR once your wedding date has been set make sure you make an appointment with your esthetician. During this visit you will need to discuss your Season's wedding timeline and be on the same page as to what your skin care regimen should look like for optimum skin care results during your wedding. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter your skin care may need to be altered during these seasons depending on where you reside. Our favorite skin care professionals in Dallas, TX are at Dr. ZO office with Cristy (you can follow her on her IG too).

2.) Create, if you do not already have, any type of exercise routine. Ok, now we are not saying you need to take on another FULL time plan of 30 hours a week and make THAT your workout routine. But, we are saying your skin and mental well-being will appreciate some activity; even if that means adding in a 15 minute walk a day. We all have heard that beauty begins from within, RIGHT?! Exercise is basically doing just that! Exercising increases your blood flow and helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. And, when this is happening you are basically flushing cellular toxins out of your body. Hence, 'cleaning your skin from the Inside'

3.) Book your Glam Squad as soon as possible. Now, we at Red Lotus Artistry may or may not be your chosen team but you want to book your glam team as soon as you can. AND, here is why! You want to book with a team that will take not only great care of your needs and wants but will deliver. Next question is, what do they deliver. What is included when you book with them? How many artists are on their team? Will they come on-location? Do they provide a trial, and is it included? Do I get along with the team and artists that you will work with through your wedding planning? Do they really care? Are they using the most up to date and professional products? How often do they do an inventory check to ensure they are not using expired products? Will they create a look for me that may or may not be the best look for me, or do I want someone who will enhance my looks? OK, ok, OK....we know it is A LOT! But, that is why booking your team ahead of time is the best because they are the ones who has the beauty knowledge that will help you along the way, if they are the right artists for you! We highly recommend you prioritize your needs and goals and ask away.

4.) Let's Talk About HAIR, Baby! The go to sexy voluminous Victoria's Secret Model curls/waves OR Kim Kardashian sleek and sensual look they all have one thing in common. LENGTH! You need to begin growing out your hair. Get your trims every 2-3 months and make sure you are taking care of your locks ladies! And, if all else fails, we always got extensions. But, be ready to budget in some quality extensions to get you through your wedding festivities.

5.) Pearly Whites! Your smile will be gleaming from the moment you say, "I Will Marry You," to the moment you are dancing the night away at your Wedding Reception. So, with that in mind make sure your Teeth Cleaning has been booked and your Teeth Whitening appointment is too. There are countless in the mall, over the counter products to use also. Just ensure you are following all the Directions on the packaging exactly. We wouldn't want you to look like Ross from FRIENDS when he over-whitens his teeth.

6.) H2O! Water, water, water! Drink enough water, Make sure you Drink you water, stay hydrated! We all have those flashbacks of our track and volleyball coach yelling at us to ensure we are hydrated. WELLLLL, here we are screaming from the rooftops; DYW! Drink Your Water! You can use this functional water reminder water bottle to get through your day. There are many apps and tools to remind you to get your H2O in so use them. A good rule of thumb we like to use is to drink half your weight in ounces per day.

7.) ZZZZZZ'S! Get your sleep! The last thing you want is the go to raccoon look during your festivities. Yes, the right beauty squad will be able to cover them up, but that means more product and more washing and more dry skin too. It is the circle of life. So get ahead of it and get your beauty sleep. Hmmmm, no wonder they call it Beauty Sleep.

8.) Brows! Plan ahead with your Brow person for what you will be needing and wanting for your big day/week! Do not wait until a day or two before your events to thread wax or tweeze unwanted hair on your face. You want to do this a safe distance away from the wedding but also a nice time to where your brows are on point. This will make sure you do not have any scrapes, cuts, or accidents. Sweet spot is 4 days prior to your first wedding event.

9.) Get your Manicure/Pedicure done also the week of the wedding! Book it and have it in your calendar. This way you are getting in with your favorite person and no waiting around either. Keep in mind if you will be having a Pithi/Haldi ceremony, stay away from the white and neutral colors as your polish will end up looking yellow/orange. Unless that is the look you are going for, then do what works best for you and Live your BEST life!

10.) If there is a color of lipstick you know you want to use for your wedding make sure you zone in on it ahead of time and let your glam team know about it. This way, when you are needing touch ups you have your lipstick ready for you throughout your event. And, if this is not something you already know make sure you let your team know you want to have swabs with you. Your team should have no issues letting you have color swatches of your chosen lipstick color for you to use. It is all about the communication.

11.) Mediate. Yoga. Deep Breaths. As you get closer to the week of the wedding you may not feel it but you are nervous, you are stressed, you have tons on your mind and it shows up in different ways. So, get ahead of it by making sure you set every 2-3 hour alarms on your phone to take two to six, 7-10 second deep breaths. Close your eyes and just zone back in to yourself. We like to call it the Mini-Yoga sesh! Take advantage of it and do what Nike says, JUST DO IT!

12.) Spray Tan or Tanning Bed for that Bridal Glow! Now, this is all based on your preferences but we at RLA are never against some glow! But, again, make sure the first time you are getting your tan is not the one prior to the wedding. Begin getting tans 2-3 months prior so you can make the decision on exactly how tan you want to be for your wedding.