Vidya Patel

Setting the craft of makeup and hairstyling in it’s own classic and unique ways,  Vidya works for looks that are pretty, clean, and  glamorous! Her goals are to educate women to create their own beauty journey: to feel beautiful, to be confident, and to not be overwhelmed by the millions of beauty products out there.

With her passion and attention to sense of detail and style she creates looks for each client unique to what they desire but with the professional twist.  Her craft is her own, yet she always is up to date with the latest in the world of Beauty.

She calls Dallas, TX her home; and travels to anywhere her clients desire. From destination weddings to in town events; she has you covered.

Makeup artistry and hairstyling has been one of her first and foremost artistic addictions in life since the age of Four.  She found her Aunt’s treasure, pot of gold makeup stashes and Vidya never looked back. Since then she has had the privilege of working with hundreds of happy clients, friends and family members. Vidya is thrilled with the opportunities that have come her way since making the decision to make a business out of her passion and looks forward to an endless amount of experiences in the future.


Wondering why I named my company Red Lotus Artistry?

1. Because as you can see I love red! Red lips, red balloons, the red indian bridal dresses, red everythang! ♥️

2. Lotus- not only because it is the national flower of India 🇮🇳 but it is such a unique and gorgeous flower that grow so differently than others. Very much like me, I am an Indian American with such a unique personality.

3. Artistry because everything I do is art. The face is my canvas and my tolls are makeup brushes to create masterpieces. Hair Design also and art. Creating styles that speak ones personality and beauty. Styling/Draping also an art; Draping Indian dresses and veils to make sure you feel confident when you walk into your event! Creativity is art! 

And, I love every bit of it! Every detail! Every client!


Meet The Squad


Meet Emily Alvarez. Born and raised in Dallas, the heart of Texas. For as long as she can remember she has been fascinated by all things beauty. When her Aunt opened her own boutique Emily strived to be a part of that endeavor. She was ambitious and graduated High School with her Diploma in Cosmetology and obtained her License. The first step in her beauty career was when her Aunt took Emily under her wing and taught her everything from dying hair to applying makeup. After 6 years of learning and exploring the beauty world in the boutique she decided to branch off to new beginnings. Focusing on making people feel great about themselves and increase their inner beauty from the outside in. Weddings are filled with incredible moments and she knew that her passion and skills were made for this industry. She found her way to Red Lotus Artistry and the experience has been nothing short of positive vibes. The moment she met Vidya it was an instant click; they share the same love and passion for the beauty and wedding world. Combined, Emily and Vidya work together to leave everlasting memories for those they get ready and family and friends for their big day. RLA prides itself in creating a whole experience from the moment they walk into the moment they leave. She is truly excited to be a part of this journey with Red Lotus Artistry and can’t wait to meet future brides, families and clients for years to come.


“Makeup is art. Beauty is passion.”